Easy Ways To Make Money From Home

Since writing my book "Okay Kids, Time For Bedlam," I occasionally get questions from readers asking for help. Apparently, those people think that someone who throws flour on her kids and splatters ketchup on the ceiling must be full of advice.

And of course they're right. Therefore, I have decided to start a Dear Debbie segment on this blog, sharing any helpful advice I can on homeschooling, parenting and whatever else comes to mind.

Here we go...

Dear Debbie,

Do you have any good ideas on how I can make money so I can stay home with my kids? Keep in mind that I am lazy and really don't want to have to do any actual work. You seem like the perfect person to ask this question so tell me, any ideas?

Lazy Susan


Dear Susan,

You're correct, I am the perfect person to answer this inquiry. If you are indeed as lazy as I am then I already know your house has that lovely lived-in look. And smell. Well, lucky you, because now you have some great ways to make money at home! Here are ten suggestions to get you started:

1. Offer your kids' services as earthmoving equipment. In one afternoon, a child can move literally tons of dirt from outside the house to the inside, so this ability has to be valuable to construction companies. Just charge a bit lower than the nearest Caterpillar Rental Center and you're set.

2. Contact Global Positioning Manufacturers and offer your teen's room as a testing center. If their satellite system can find the GPS unit's location in the room, the company knows it's ready to market to the public.

3. Be a part of the lucrative movie business! It's easy. Just continue to let your home get as dirty as possible, have a movie sound technician team set up their equipment, and then invite your mother over for a visit. The sound technicians will be able to record their best screams ever.

4. Take note of the steps and moves you make while dodging Legos under your bare feet on your way to sneak some ice cream out of the fridge. Again. You can then sell these as dance steps to the choreographers for Dancing With The Washed-Up Stars. (Then maybe you'll be able to afford a pair of shoes, which of course is a much better idea than actually expending any energy picking up and organizing the Legos.)

5. Finally, if gambling is legal in your state, then take bets on what's in that plastic leftover container in the back of the fridge. Keep 20% of the take for the house. As a bonus, let the winner keep the bowl.

I hope these five ideas help you get started Susan. Yeah, I know I said I had ten but I've worked so hard already and desperately need a nap so 5 will have to do. Good luck!

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