Fun On The Farm: Madeline Rains' Interview

Madeline lives in Georgia and she and her husband, Nicolas Donck, are busy raising two boys. And organic vegetables. She blogs at her site, Barn-Raising. The photo above is of their son Jesse.

Mom reports that they love to have laughing/staring contests which is a great game because when you think about it, no one really loses do they?

1. How long have you been homeschooling (or if finished, how long did you homeschool)?

It's been seven years. My oldest, Gillen, now almost twelve, went to one year of a Montessori school when he was four. We started unschooling right after that. Jesse, three years younger, has never been to school.

2. One of the main benefits of homeschooling is the freedom and flexibility it allows. Can you give us a few examples of how this freedom and flexibility benefited you (your family)?

The most exciting thing we have gotten to do, as a result of being free of structure and school restrictions, was that last year we went to Australia to visit my brother and his family for a month. We travel whenever we can and are lucky to have family in Europe, Montana and Mass. as well as in Australia.

In addition, Gillen has used his freedom from school to start a few different farm businesses over the years.

3. Another benefit of homeschooling is the fun factor. Can you give us a few examples of some especially fun times you had as a result of homeschooling?

Lately, backyard baseball games with Papa every evening have been a must. We've always had so much fun going to unschooling conferences or visiting friends we've made at these conferences. We are going to the conference in Mass. next month and are driving there so that we can see friends along the way.

Fun and laughter are pretty present here, and look different all the time - from cracking ourselves up with made-up songs and jokes to watching movies (we watched "Bolt" last night and laughed a lot) to having many laughing/staring contests.

4. We all have funny experiences while homeschooling. Can you share one of yours with us?

Hmmm. The most recent example is of the boys' poker game outfits. The elaborate poker-face-hiding costumes that they create, with camouflage, bandanas and glasses, so as to be able to bluff well, are as much fun as the game. They just don't hide their joy or giggling very well. They need all the help they can get.


Ruralmama said...

They sound like some fun folk to hang out with. I love the giant hay bales! It's just like our neighborhood!

MamaTea said...

Sounds like a mighty fun poker game!