Homeschooling Is Freedom Help Needed

Hi everyone,

I'm writing this blog post to let you know that I don't think I'll be able to keep this project going much longer. I've really enjoyed doing it the past year or so but other projects are now taking more priority and I just don't have enough hours in the day.

All parts of this project are time consuming, but the real time sucker is finding people who may be interested and then working to get the questions returned from them. That's no surprise, heck, homeschoolers are busy helping their children learn with freedom and flexibility!

There may be some options though if anyone is interested in keeping the project going. I could add others to the blog posting list who can just continue to find people, send out the questions and add them to the blog.

Or when the interviews that I've already requested stop rolling in, I could just stop there and leave what I have compiled already. Even though it's been a fairly short time I've been doing this, I do think it's a great collection of interesting families and experiences so as it stands, it could be a nice resource for people to read.

As of right now I have interviews scheduled to go up through Friday November 13th. (Eww, maybe I should get at least one more so no one gets hit with any bad luck or anything!)

What do you think? Anyone have any ideas, or perhaps want to take over the project?


JJ Ross said...

I think it's a great collection too, even if its active growth is nearly at an end. I've spread the link around. So please be sure to leave it up, whatever happens. :)

Debbie H. said...

Oh, I'm definitely leaving it up JJ!

I just wish I could continue to add more.

I added a Join Us page to the blog in the hopes of collecting more participants. We'll see if that works at all.

Thanks for your support and participation.