School Sucks Podcast: The End of Public Education

I've been listening to this podcast lately. The host, Brett Veinotte, speaks the truth about education and I want to do what I can to spread the word about his podcast. I highly recommend it.

However, we all have limited time on our hands and there is so much information out there, so how can you really know whether this podcast is something you might be interested in spending your time on?

Well if you have 30 minutes, I suggest you listen to Episode 9.1. Although it is the third in a series on the "destructive, hidden curriculum in public education," I think it easily stands alone.

If you are curious and intrigued by what he says in this episode, then use that as an indication that you may find value in listening to more of what he has to say about education and learning.

I for one am looking forward to more.

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