How To Mute A Trumpet

My daughter played the trumpet for several years and one day she noticed the sound seemed muffled. It sounded like a mute was on the instrument but it wasn't.

We looked down the horn and we saw something brown deep inside. We had no idea what it could be. We poked, prodded and shook the trumpet trying to see if we could get whatever it was out of there.

We couldn't really see down the horn very well, but there had to be an object lodged in there; it just did not sound right at all when she played. I even brought out the vacuum cleaner to see if the suction could release whatever it was but that did not work either.

Finally, by using a hanger, we loosened the object and it rolled out and bounced on the floor.

It was the little buckeye her uncle gave her. Lucky, for us, wasn't it? I mean, you know, if it was a black cat, we'd probably never have been lucky enough to get it out of there.

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