To Understand Unschooling, Observe A Cat

Being an unschooler is kind of like being a cat.

Cats pretty much do what they want and if something is not interesting, they just stare at you, yawn and move on to something better, like a nap perhaps.

However, if a cat sees something interesting, like a mouse, it perks up and has no trouble concentrating for as long as it takes to reach its goal of catching it.

If a cat falls from some height, he can always flip himself around in time to land on his feet. Unschoolers don't worry about missing something "important." They always land on their feet because they are confident in their ability to learn.

Cats do not like water. Unschoolers do not like pre-packaged schooling because it gets their brain fur all wet.

So, live your life like a cat, follow what interests you, not what others tell you is important.

In other words, develop a Cattitude!

I have no idea why several of my posts involve cats. I don't even like cats. I wonder if that's why it took me longer to wrap my head around an understanding of unschooling than some other people. Hey, that might make an interesting survey! To see if unschoolers are more likely to be cat lovers or not. Hmmmm.


piscesgrrl said...

Not a cat lover, but not a cat hater either. :) Just don't like litter boxes. *shudder* Good thing unschoolers aren't like dogs - cuz my dog? She's wacko!

Jenn said...

Love it, love it! I needed this today! We just adopted 2 cats this last week. (and I have NEVER been a cat person) - but we are unschoolers! Gonna have to link you on this - I know alot of friends that will enjoy it! :)

Debbie H. said...

piscesgrrl, you need to make a stand here and decide, cat lover or cat hater. You can't be a fence-sitter around here. :)

Jenn, I hope things go okay with those 2 cats, you are one devoted unschooling mom that's all I can say.