Homeschooling In 1992

Look what I found. This is an excerpt of a plan I wrote back in 1992, when were were starting our second year of homeschooling. Check out the creative name of our "school" considering my kids' names are Melissa and Keith. :)

I created this document to sort of set up a framework of plans for the year....

HOMESCHOOL 1992-1993


MK Elementary believes in integrated, interactive, hands-on learning. We believe children learn best by doing and by participating fully in their education.

The unit study approach will be the basic method used in teaching. We will integrate as many subjects as possible into the study of the topic chosen. The teacher and students will work together to determine the topic choices. We believe that by permitting the students to assist the teacher in making goal and topic decisions, their education becomes more meaningful and conforms with the student's interests and abilities.

Where integration is not possible, some traditional methods and materials will be used in each subject if necessary, especially in math and language arts. These methods are spelled out more clearly in the following outline.

The rest of the document is an outline categorized by subject areas.

When I read this I realize how much our philosophy changed over the years as we gained more experience and became more comfortable with the freedom. We loosened up bit by bit as the years passed and found a comfort level that worked for our family.

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