Searching For Nuts

Back in 2002, I wrote an email message on a board where we were talking about nuts and seeds and I said this:

I did some research on nuts. Did you know that if you type "nuts and seeds" into google, you'll get about 21,000 hits?

I wondered how much this search term may have grown over the past 7 years so once again I typed "nuts and seeds" (I include the quotes) into google, but this time I came up with 439,000 hits. That's quite a change, isn't it?

I'm not too surprised though because it's pretty obvious to me that there are a lot more nuts out there.

Which is good because I need the company. :)


Jim Wetzel said...

Google is soooo over. I just did a search for "nuts", yielding 62 million hits, and the entire first page didn't have a link to me. What's up with that?

writestuff444 said...

And Homeschoolers have more than their fair share of "nuts". :)