The Arts Community Gets It Half Right

In today's edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal, Arts Reporter Andrew Adler writes about a few missed educational opportunities in the local arts community. The ballet, opera and orchestra groups all recently conducted shows which included interesting themes. For example, the orchestra played pieces that were connected to each other in some way. Yet all three groups apparently did nothing to help educate the audience on the theme.

Mr. Adler is right. These groups could have done much more to educate the attendees and given them more information to learn. It wouldn't even have to be that extensive because those interested would then be able to take that information and do more research and investigating of their own.

This method of doing something interesting and making connections is what learning is all about.

It's a prime example of how education can just simply be a part of an individual's daily life. Many people who have not had their curiosity sucked out of them through ineffective schooling experiences are hungry for educational opportunities such as these.

My husband and I perodically subscribe to Actors Theater and I am usually disappointed in the programs they hand out. I want to know much, much more than they tell me in the program. It's often just page after page of advertisements. Certainly I understand they need to create the revenue needed to maintain their programs, but a bit of extra value would be great. I would even be willing to pay a dollar or two for a separate program hand-out created to give interesting information about the presentation.

People are hungry for information on topics they are interested in, so why not find a way to feed that hunger?

Attending a wide variety of local events and activities was a huge part of our homeschooling 'curriculum.' The more the organizers of these events and activities can do to educate attendees the better.

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