Homeschooling Laws

In the United States, each state makes its own laws concerning homeschooling and they can vary widely. If you want to see a short synopsis of the laws in each state, I recommend checking out this page at the National Home Education Network (NHEN).

When I hear about other states, I feel fortunate that I live in Indiana and did so the entire time I homeschooled my kids through highschool. Indiana is known as one of the most free states for homeschoolers. In Indiana, homeschools are simply non-accredited private schools and do not have to follow laws and regulations set up for accredited or government schools.

This is a big reason I think our family was so successful. We had the freedom and flexibility to do what made sense for our family. We could change things quickly and there was no bureaucracy or heavy-handed regulation.

Well, unless you count the forms my kids made me fill out when I wanted permission for 5 minutes of privacy in the bathroom.

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