Joy Behar, Homeschooling and Obama's Kids

Apparently lots of homeschoolers are in an uproar over something Joy Behar said on The View about homeschoolers. In the conversation, she used the word demented.

I saw the video and now I say, so what? Why all the fuss when in fact there is a bigger point here and Joy Behar was the one who made it:

Barack and Michelle should homeschool their kids!

And all homeschoolers out here should be spreading the word to other homeschoolers to support and encourage these parents to take charge of their children's education.

The Obama family should have as much right to have fun homeschooling as my family did. The Obama family should have as much freedom to direct their own children's education as my family did.

And I'll be glad to support them and I'll do all I can to show them how to have fun with it.

Can you imagine how much more fun this whole family will have if they just decide to homeschool those cute little girls? Those kids will have the most amazing education ever. Think of the activities they can do, the people they can meet, the things they can learn hands-on. It's such a great idea I'm getting jealous.

Just imagine. Your dad is President of the United States and you are homeschooled. That would rock!

Think of all Barack and Michelle could do with their kids if they weren't trapped in ANY institutional school, private or government.

So come on, Mr. and Mrs. Obama, you can do it! I know you can. Don't be afraid or feel like you don't have what it takes to do it as many parents are when they first consider the idea. You'll have a lot of support as homeschoolers everywhere will be there for you.

Why not give two of the best gifts you could ever give to your entire family: freedom and fun through homeschooling.


Jane said...

No kidding! What an awesome opportunity for them as a family.

highlander said...

Yes! my husband is the president of his own company and WE homeschool! They should! They'd have fun!