Grade Level? Who Cares?

When we're kids, everyone seems to want to know our grade level. And really I don't think most people think about the question much, they just use it as a conversation starter, which is fine.

But in reality, every child performs at varying grade levels depending on the subject. We all have natural talents and interests which means we would likely be ahead of our age peers in that particular area at the very least.

I suppose the idea of grade levels started because institutionalized schools needed a way to organize and group large numbers of students to help keep everything in order.

So if you are homeschooling, don't concern yourself too much with grade levels. It's just not that important. What's important is that your child is learning and growing. And if you relax and have fun together, that's going to happen naturally.

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kbroccoli said...

I completely agree with you. My brother-in-law, whom my wife and I homeschool, has ADD. He is behind in some subjects, but ahead in others. As long as a child continues to progress, in comparison with himself and not others, grade levels don't mean much.