No Reservations Needed

but I've been busy with last minute shopping, and cooking, and volunteering, and...

Oh gosh I can't lie, it's Christmas! Okay I'll confess, I've been playing Guitar Hero with my son, who is in town for the Holidays. He and his girlfriend were supposed to arrive Monday but called Friday night and said they were on their way. I guess he enjoys the fact that he needs no reservations to come home and I think he does this on purpose to keep some spontaneity in my life.

And speaking of reservations, during his visit he introduced me to a very cool show on the Travel Channel called Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. This guy is a veteran food service worker, chef and author who travels around the world and sampling different foods and cultures. He is funny and irreverent.

Keith has loved watching food shows since he was very young and is quite the chef himself. He beats his mom spatulas down when it comes to cooking. But I can still beat him at Guitar Hero. So far, anyway.


AFBoilermaker said...

Haha, well Mom, I might have to buy Guitar Hero and practice if you are going to boast all over the internet that you are better than me! Did you watch the new episode of No Reservations Monday? Speaking of cooking, I made a new recipe I found yesterday (, it was really good and simple to make.

Debbie H. said...

I haven't watched it yet but I think I have it recorded.