Park Hopping Part 2

Great news readers. Melissa and Keith have decided they may occasionally want to participate in my blog! Apparently yesterday's topic convinced them that it could be useful if they came on and gave their perspective once in a while. I guess they have more to add which would help my readers understand our homeschooling experience better. You know, like my book did.

Is that right, Keith?

Well, yeah Mom, we just decided that sometimes you can be well, umm, forgetful, I guess. And the details you forget we think are important for readers to know.

Hmm, so I forgot something about the park hopping? Do tell.

Okay, well, readers, the reason mom 'invented' park hopping wasn't really so that we could enjoy the various benefits of different parks in a single day. It came about because of more, umm, practical reasons.

Keith what are you talking about? That's not how I remember it.

Well, I didn't think you would. Let me give an example of one day I remember in particular. One of my favorite parks has a great merry-go-round. But mom insisted on joining us and got sick and threw up all over the ride. Once that happened, there was no use staying there, so we left and went to another one to have lunch.

While at the next park, after lunch, mom was playing with my magnifying glass and set fire to the shelterhouse. So of course we stopped, dropped and rolled quickly from that one and headed to another park.

This next park had some great swings and by this time school was out so there were a lot of kids there already. I remember Melissa and I grabbed the last two regular swings and Mom strained into the only swing left, one of those baby swings with the full plastic seat that has leg holes in them.

We had to call the paramedics to get her out.

Hey now wait a minute-

Which certainly was embarrassing enough for us. But then they had to call the neighboring city for help. I remember the paramedic saying something on his radio about needing "the jaws of life for herculean hips."

Keith, I don't remember it that way at ALL. Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

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