What To Do When It Snows

Okay, so if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and did decide to go park hopping in the last couple of days, I realize it might not have turned out quite like you hoped due to the weather. You probably came home with muddy shoes, and a frozen backside from sitting in the plastic infant swing too long. Yeah, park hopping might be best done in warmer weather.

So I guess I should be sharing ideas for those days when you get a good amount of snow. If it was totally up to me, a good snow day would be filled with sleeping, eating and either watching a movie or reading a book set somewhere in the Caribbean Islands.

But since kids usually want to actually get out in the stuff, here are three things you can do in the snow to bring out your family's artistic side:

1. Build a snow fort or castle. Bread loaf pans make great molds for snow bricks by the way.

2. Make snow sculptures to scare away annoying little neighbors.

3. Or make snow sculptures to attract crazy cartoon fans.

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