I've Been Snoped!

As word spread about my promotion of Paint A Cat Day, for some reason someone decided to check it out on snopes.com, the popular site for tracking unfounded rumors and urban legends.

Apparently some readers don't believe everything I write.

This skeptic wanted to see what snopes.com said about painting cats. And the snopes.com search found this.

Interesting, huh? So they claim all those picture are fake and the cats were not really painted. Okay, fine, maybe so. But that's not MY project. They haven't seen what I received from my readers who participated with me in Paint A Cat Day. Today I'm posting one below from Tammy and her family. Urban Legend? You decide.

But first, I need help. I need to know if you think snoped is a word. I think it has to be. I mean, what other word can I use to describe the fact that someone went to snopes.com after reading my Paint A Cat Day post?

It's also obvious to me that I need to classify snope as a verb. My post caused someone to go to snopes.com and check out what I wrote. Therefore, my post caused an action on someone's part and since verbs show action, this must be the form of the word, right? Of course I'm right. Even snopes would say so I'm sure.

If not, it doesn't really matter because I obviously will just go ahead and post it here anyway. Really, readers, you should ignore snopes.com and just come here for the real down-and-dirty unedited truth.

Which leads me back to Tammy's family and their adventure on Paint a Cat Day. Look at this marvelous artwork and I think you'll agree, they really did paint a cat. And if you don't agree, then just wait until I post what my son sent me.


Tammy said...

We were snoped? Or was the word supposed to be snooped? It is amusing the lengths that some people will go to to make a point or to claim that something cannot be.

Well, we are off on to today's adventure, frog hunting. Apparently it is already that time of year here and we are hoping to find a wonderful ball of jelly so that we can watch them hatch!

Thanks for the promotion of the Curry Family Super Cat. And definitely share your son's cat, I thought that was brilliant.

Debbie H. said...

Good luck with the frog hunting Tammy!

My son's wonderful artwork will be presented soon.