Today is Paint A Cat Day!

Two recent homeschooling family interviews reminded me of how much fun it can be to have kids around drawing on the walls (Chapter 18) and painting siblings.

And after considering Kim's daughter's adventure, I decided she was right, what could be a better canvas than a cream colored cat! Why, just look at the grand artwork I was able to do today:

I recommend everyone paint a cat. As a matter of fact, I just declared today Paint A Cat Day so get out there and fashion a festive frill to your favorite feline. Don't be intimidated by my artistic abilities, just go out there and do it because as usual, the most important thing is to have fun.

Feel free to send me any photos and I'll post them on the blog.

P.S. If you can't find a cat, then just use the nearest family member.


Tammy said...

We will definitely find a cat or appropriate family! What an excellent job on your cat.

Tammy C.

Jennifer Fink said...

This is hilarious, partly because when I was showing my husband your blog last night, the thing that tickled both of us was the painted cat story!

Seeing as how we have 3 cats around here, I see some real potential! Now, if I can only convince my oldest son that painting the cats will not permanently harm them....