How To Think Outside The Box

Okay so I told everyone last week that my son sent in his entry from Paint A Cat Day. Now, the fact that this 24 year old young man, who is busy finishing up his Master's Degree in Operations Managment while also buying stuff for the Air Force as a Contracting Officer, did find the time to paint a cat is not surprising. Anyone who's read my book knows that, especially if you read Chapter 18, Life In The Third Dimension. He loves art and drawing and will always make time for that I guess.

No, the artwork itself is not surprising. What is suprising is how he interpreted the assignment. Look at his Cat painting:

This is exactly the sort of thing that always happened to me when we were homeschooling. The assignments and projects never quite went like I planned. He always had his own ideas. I'm used to that now and I have to say that this is not too bad in the painting department, I mean just look at that nice artistic swish in the lettering.

But where did he get the idea to use a bulldozer?

I guess it's just in his genes, in two ways.

One, his grandfather, my dad, worked for years for a company that sold Caterpillar Earthmoving Equipment. So I'm sure that's part of how he came up with this.

Second, this kid was raised by me, so of course he would think something like this would fit the silliness of the project.

But the question is, did he learn this twisted thinking from me, or did I learn it from him?

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