Roller Derby Is Back

The last time I saw Roller Derby was on television in the mid-1970s and I remember thinking those women were crazy. Well the new generation of crazy is here. There is a team in Louisville, Kentucky called the Derby City Roller Girls and I went to an event a couple of weeks ago with my husband, my daughter and my future son-in-law. They were playing the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana who were from Evansville I think.

We had a great time. Besides watching the girls battle it out on wheels, they played rockin' music the entire time which I loved of course.

My daughter and I sat in the bleachers and shot the video posted below. Husband and future son-in-law, however chose the "suicide seats," which means they sat on the floor right next to the edge of the rink. They said they wanted to be, umm, close to the action. They were terribly concerned for the girls' safety and wanted to be able to protect them from the hard concrete floor if they were knocked down in their direction. Chivalry is not dead.

When our family was homeschooling, we enjoyed many roller skating field trips with other homeschoolers and I often came home a bit bruised and banged up. Unfortunately it wasn't because of a good, hard-fought, competitive Roller Derby game. It was more due to something my doctor likes to refer to medically as NUTS Syndrome ( Noticeably Unable To Skate). What does he know? Listen, if I was ever on my butt in the middle of the skating rink, it was always because I meant to do it and simply wanted to take a break.

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Lisa said...

We love roller derby so much!!!!